Select Battery for boat, Vessel, or special vehicle

To choose a suitable battery for cranking is very important as it determines lifetime of the battery and starter. Below is a table of battery models for special vehicles, vessels and boats. In addition, basing on capacity of the starter or battery which is being used, you can select a suitable battery for the best performance.

No. Type of boat, vessel, special vehicle Battery type


Capacity Brand name
1 Small forklifts, electric vehicles Conventional/VRLA battery 12 40 – 65 N40, NS60, N50, N50Z, NS70, 46B24, 55B24, 48D26
2 Forklifts, bulldozers Conventional/VRLA battery 12 – 24 100 – 150 N100,N120, N150S, N150
3 Boat, vessel Conventional/ VRLA battery 12 – 24 200 – 210

N200, N200Z

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