Investment in Ninh Binh – one more company suceeds

After one year of investment, Vietnam Eni-Florence- Battery Manufacturer has completed its construction and installation of factory, equipment and officially start production. Expectedly, at the end of December 2012, ENIMAC battery products will be launched to the market for the needs of consumers.

Operators of Vietnam Eni-Florence Co., Ltd. trained by experts.

Nowerdays, batteries have become essential products of daily life. Motorbikes, cars, boats, vessel … are means of transportation for every family and the whole society and battery is one of the direct sources of energy which are indispensable to the vehicles. Moreover, in hot weather of summer, when power shortage and power failure always happen, besides buying generators, many people choose to buy a battery for lighting, fan … To meet the needs of the market, Vietnam Eni-Florence Co.,Ltd. has invested in battery manufacturing. This is a joint venture between Vietnam company and Italy with a total investment of 30 millions USD. The company’s products include 33 conventional battery models and 24 models of VRLA batteries 12V used for boats, cars, trucks, motorcycles and civil and military telecommunications.

The battery factory was founded on an area of ​​12 ha in Khanh Phu Industrial Zone. According to the director of the company, the Head of the province and departments and locality are very interested in and created favorable conditions for the project implementation and with their efforts, the Company has speed up the construction and installation progress for launching production earlier. Technology of battery manufacturing is completely imported from Italy; incoming materials are imported from France and Australia; waste treatment technology from Japan. At present, the factory has installed 6 production lines. Italy's experts and technicians are transfering technology to Vietnamese technicians. Vietnamese operators (including 90% from Ninh Binh) are manufacturing and have completed many finished goods which will be released to the market. the designed capacity of the company will be 1 – 1.2 million batteries / year. For the consumption of products, the company has signed contracts with agents in 57 provinces and cities throughout the country.
The initial success of Vietnam Eni-Florence Co., Ltd is really meaningful. It is an evidence showing effectiveness of the policies for attracting, encouraging and supporting investment in the province. Enterpreneurs investing in Ninh Binh are created favorable conditions to develop their production and business as committed. ENIMAC batteries qualified to Italy standard are manufactured in Khanh Phu Industrial Zone and supplied to the market, giving consumers more choices, contributing to the value of industrial production and creating more jobs and income for people and increasing tax budget for the locality.

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