Express Limited Product Warranty

ENIMAC recommends that customers should use battery following the Instruction manual to prolong battery life
– Warranty period: the period the company is responsible for receiving and handling recalled battery
– Valid warranty card: a original warranty card is issued by the company attached with each battery and has no sign of being damaged like torn, broken, modified, tampered. Production code on the card must be similar to production code on the cover of the battery; production and selling date ( written by retailer) and has no sign of being damaged like modified, tampered
– Valid warranty sticker ( only applied to CMF battery): the sticker is issued by Enimac, attached on each CMF battery with no sign of being damaged like torn, broken, modified, or tampered

2. Warranty period::
– Battery for motorcycle: 6 months
– Civil battery: 6 months
– Automotive battery: 9 months
– Battery for electric car, taxi, ship: 6 months
– Automotive battery- CMF type: 9 months

3. Warranty terms:
– Battery must be genuine Enimac brand
– Must not be tampered, deformed, broken
– Prior to the expiration of the Warranty Period
– Used properly as instruction

4. Replacement terms:
– Battery will be covered under warranty in the event of
– Short circuit inside battery
– Broken lead strap inside battery
– Broken terminal post, wrong cell
– Clogged vent due to defective battery container

5. No battery will be covered under warranty in the event of
– Broken, cracked, blistered container
– Cracked, melted, broken, or recasted terminal post
– Tampered or changed label, production code, warranty number or sticker
– Damage due to acts of nature, accident or natural disaster
– Electrolyte level below Min mark
– Other chemical or acid solution is filled when electrolyte volume decreases
– Improper installation and maintenance such as overcharging,
– Undercharging, charging or installing in reverse polarity, using battery incompatible with equipment
– Caps have signs of being dismantled, opened

ENIMAC applies a nationwide warranty policy: customers buying Enimac battery at any store would receive warranty service handled by all Distributors, Agents, Showrooms, warranty Centers and ENIMAC's official branches throughout the country

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