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Lượt xem: 2,331 Select battery for cranking is very important as it determines durability of the battery and starting equipment. Below is a list of options for car. Besides, you can get the best performance of yor battery based on capacity of starting equipment, or storage capacity of the battery   Car brand Car model […]

Lượt xem: 2,569 ENIMAC recommends that customers should use battery following the Instruction manual to prolong battery life 1.Definitions: – Warranty period: the period the company is responsible for receiving and handling recalled battery – Valid warranty card: a original warranty card is issued by the company attached with each battery and has no sign […]

Lượt xem: 784 To choose a suitable battery for cranking is very important as it determines lifetime of the battery and starter. Below is a table of battery models for special vehicles, vessels and boats. In addition, basing on capacity of the starter or battery which is being used, you can select a suitable battery […]

Lượt xem: 1,650 Introduction Enimac is an advanced battery brand of Vietnam ENI- FLORENCE Co.,Ltd. which meets various needs of consumers ranging from conventional battery for motorcycles, cars, boats to high-end products VRLA – maintenance free battery… Enimac – battery with a great power source for your vehicles and other use purposes. This product is […]

Lượt xem: 1,338 Eni – Florence Vietnam Co., Ltd. always focus on production process and constantly encourage the employees to raise innitiatives for improving production techniques to creat the highest efficiency. Therefore, quarterly the company award the employees for their innovative ideas to make improvements, which has really motivated and encouraged their working spirit and […]

Lượt xem: 640 After one year of investment, Vietnam Eni-Florence- Battery Manufacturer has completed its construction and installation of factory, equipment and officially start production. Expectedly, at the end of December 2012, ENIMAC battery products will be launched to the market for the needs of consumers. Operators of Vietnam Eni-Florence Co., Ltd. trained by experts. […]

Lượt xem: 692 With desire to share and contribute to activities of Vietnam Coast Guard who are protecting sovereignty of the nation, VIETNAM ENI-FLORENCE Co., Ltd donated a lot of battery N200 worth about 180 millions VND to use for the vessels of Vietnam Coast Guard . Vietnam Coast guard is engaged in the task […]

Lượt xem: 726 Tiếp nối truyền thống “ Uống nước nhớ nguồn”, “Lá lành đùm lá rách” và thực hiện chương trình “Mắt sáng cho người cao tuổi”. Công ty TNHH Eni-Florence Việt Nam đã trao tặng khoản tiền 50 triệu đồng để ủng hộ cho Quỹ người cao tuổi Tỉnh Bình Thuận. Qua đó, […]

Lượt xem: 354 On May 21, 2014 Vietnam Eni – Florence Co., Ltd officially received the decision on ISO 9001: 2008 certification for Quality Management System in the activities of: manufacturing and selling batteries granted by Quacert- Vietnam Certification Center under the General of the Directorate for Standards, Metrology and Quality – Ministry of Science […]

Lượt xem: 355 Sáng ngày 25/08, đại diện Nhà máy Ắc quy Enimac đã tới thăm hỏi và trao tặng 10 triệu đồng hỗ trợ mổ tim cho bệnh nhân là cháu Đỗ Vũ Duy Khánh. Anh Đỗ Duy Chuẩn đang làm việc tại Nhà máy Ắc Quy Enimac với chức vụ tổ trưởng bộ […]